Wet , Dry and Break Bulktonnages Chartering and Post Fixture OperationsPangea Oceanic Maritime JLT charters various sizes of tankers to oil products and chemicals from MENA region "Arabian / Persian Gulf Countries include Iraq and North African countries" as well to all over the world.

We always have cargo for your tanker if she is calling the MENA region.

We do fix tankers for other partners as well on brokerage basis.

We always provide a well drafted charter party to maintain Win-Win positions between all parties all over the fixture.
Our post fixture operations techniques properly manage and eliminate the following disputes:
Vessel arrival to port of delivery / Loading. NOR tendering and acceptance. Tank inspections. Cargo load / discharge rates Cargo contamination. Ship`s figures and shore figures. B/L quantities B/L disputes Discharging rates. ROB`s. Cargo shortage. Voyage bunker consumption. Vessel Re-delivery Lay time and demurrage disputes. Freight, Time charter and demurrage payment. Any other disputes or claims under Hague-Visby Rules.